SERVICE POINTE® is one of three unique software system modules designed to manage and track all service and warranty claims throughout the life of a boat. Our web-based software allows your dealers to create a warranty claim request and track its progress throughout the claims cycle.

Service Pointe allows you to streamline the warranty management process, reduce warranty costs and provides trend analysis data to improve product and process quality of your manufacturing process.

Increase your dealer and customer satisfaction today beginning with Service Pointe.

Streamline your warranty management process

Setup: Enter problem and repair codes for claims

Configuring Service Pointe with your custom data is easy with our intuitive software.  Setting up your problem codes, repair codes and dealer information can be done in just a few hours, Spend less time managing the software and more time process your warranty claims.

Create: Use the Claim Entry feature to create a new claim

With online availability from anywhere with an Internet connection, processing claims can be done faster and more efficiently.  If integrated with our Dealer Central, dealers can login themselves to submit a claim for a warrantied boat.

Manage: Manage and track status of claims

Service Pointe allows ongoing communication between both the dealer and the manufacturer throughout the entire claims process, improving your dealer’s warranty experience. It will reduce the time to process the claim, reduce the number of misplaced or unattended manual claims and allows secure information sharing between the dealer and manufacturer.

Close: Complete the claim and review data for process improvement

By automating the claims process using Service Pointe, gain operational and financial insight from your warranty claims.  In addition, you reduce the claims processing time, reduce costs and increase efficiency to avoid future warranty claims.

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