Increase Productivity, Reduce Errors, Connect Your Dealers with Seamless Integration and Drive Your Business Forward

BoatTrack’s cloud based software makes your manufacturing process more efficient allowing you to be more profitable!  Simplify your ordering process, streamline your warranty management process and enable seamless integration and communication with your network of dealers.

Order Pointe’s custom leading-edge sales configurator, costing, and production management solution is designed specifically for the boat manufacturing process. It allows you to maintain unique models, options, pricing and costs to simplify your ordering process, reduce errors and reduce overall time of sales order cycle.
Service Pointe streamlines your warranty management process by allowing your service centers to process and track warranty claims and repairs more efficiently.  It provides trend analysis data to improve product quality, reduce manufacturing costs and enhance the end customer experience.
Dealer Central connects your dealer network to both Order Pointe and Service Pointe enabling seamless integration with the entire manufacturing process. Dealers can create their own professional customer quotes, process service warranty claims and check on status of both orders in production and claims status.

While BoatTrack’s suite of cloud based products can stand alone to service full life cycle of the boat, it is also fully integrated with QuickBooks on-line and Infor’s Visual Manufacturing ERP/MRP software. Whether moving away from spreadsheets or standing up a full ERP/MRP, BoatTrack delivers accurate management information to modernize your processes.

Modernize your manufacturing process today!