DEALER CENTRAL® is an integrated add on module to both Order Pointe and Service Pointe that allows your dealers to gain access to model and option pricing, so they can create their own professional customer quotes, print MSPR Price Stickers for the dealership showroom or on the road.  Dealers can also use Dealer Central to process any and all service warranty claims and/or request service work.  In addition, the dealers can check check the status of orders and claims and lookup the history of any HULL ID that was sold to them.

Expedite ordering and warranty processing

Order Pointe®

Adding Dealer Central functionality to the Order Pointe module, dealers can us the online software to create their own sales quotes and place orders to your sales team. Rather than using preprinted paper forms, dealers can login and use the Quick Order sales templates for a given model to configure their custom quote. Using Dealer Central with Order Pointe provides seamless integration thereby reducing pricing and model option errors on sales orders, which means more profitability for you.

Service Pointe®

Adding Dealer Central functionality to the Service Pointe module, dealers can use the online software to submit warranty claims along with photos and scans of invoices to create a claims request to your service and warranty team. Rather than using preprinted paper claims, dealers can login and use the online claims template, search for a hull id and submit their claim. The service and warranty department will receive an email notification that a new claim has been submitted.  In addition, they can look up history of prior service claims done on boats, options sold on the boat, complete with serial numbers for confirmations. Using Dealer Central with Service Pointe provides seamless integration in a web secure environment.

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