“The wind and the waves are always on the side of the ablest navigator.”
Edmund Gibbon


ORDER POINTE is a leading-edge sales configurator, costing, and production management solution designed exclusively for boat manufacturers. Designed to accommodate the way boats are built, users maintain their unique models, options, pricing, and costs to drive greater efficiency and productivity in the entire cycle from quote to shipment. Costing and inventory management is also simplified with the ability to interface with accounting systems. Extensive reporting capability delivers accurate management information to better analyze your operations.


Order Pointe was designed by boat builders, so what you see in the software will look familiar to what you know about how boats are configured and quoted.   The Windows-based navigation logic is also intuitive and easy to learn.

fast & accurate

Complete and accurate information shortens your sales cycle, and having information available as early in the process as possible makes your dealers and customers feel more confident about doing business with you. Generate prompt, error-free quotes every time with Order Pointe.


You manage who sees what, and who has access to various functions within your organization.   Dealers have restricted views and access that are tailored to their functional needs.


Transitioning to new models and options is easy with Order Pointe. Add new feature’s costs and pricing once and they’re immediately accessible to authorized users. Eliminate the need for pricing sheets that require constant updates and can result in costly quoting errors.


Your sales reps can access Order Pointe at shows and on the road using minis and tablets. This allows them to engage the customer more intimately in configuring the boat to the customer’s specifications. The more closely the customer is involved and senses a partnership with you the more likely they are to buy.


Your dealers and sales reps will have a solution that helps them improve your bottom line. As the order is configured, authorized reps can see the projected profit and make suggestions to help meet margin objectives and customer requirements. Fewer errors, faster sales cycles, more accurate and timely sales and management data, administrative consistency, and many other features all add up a better bottom line.


Your dealers want order processing to be quick and easy. Using Dealer Central dealers can create their own orders and quotes to submit electronically to the manufacturer for review and approval. You’ll become their manufacturer of choice resulting in an enhanced distribution channel that can help you reach more customers and deliver better products and services. Order Pointe is also designed to seamlessly integrate with Infor’s Visual ERP system, and data can be uploaded to other accounting systems.


SERVICE POINTE is an integrated solution that allows boat builders to process, manage, and track warranty claims submitted by their customers or dealers. The complete history of boat ownership and dealer or factory repair can be maintained and associated with the hull ID. Manufacturers can track detailed warranty cost by plant, dealer, model, boat, and other characteristics. Service Pointe is also designed to connect with Order Pointe to identify all factory installed options, parts, and serial numbers.


Service Pointe has the ability to maintain every detail about the boat including all options and serialized parts. Initiate and process claims and work orders with ease with both the manufacturer and dealer working interactively in the system. Work order history of problems, repairs, responsibility and costs are all at your fingertips. Warranty registration can easily be managed using Service Pointe.

Fully Integrated

When used with Order Pointe all information about the boat is automatically recorded in Service Pointe. When the boat is sold there’s no need to reenter all the information. This eliminates errors and omissions and ensures your service department is working with accurate and timely information.


An array of reports allows users and management to identify problem trends and track any number of variables related to your warranty program. The comprehensive nature of the data available enables better management decisions and problem resolution.


DEALER CENTRAL is a product that allows your dealers to gain access to model and option pricing, so they can create their own professional customer quotes and print MSRP Price Stickers for boats at the dealership showroom or on the road. Dealers can also use Dealer Central to process any and all service warranty claims and/or request service work. In addition, the dealers can check the status of orders and claims and lookup the history of any HULL ID.  Dealer Central is designed to work with either Order Pointe, Service Pointe, or both.


All of the functionality described in our Order Pointe software is made available to your dealers on the web. Rather than using preprinted paper forms with check boxes and a pricing sheet to configure a custom quote, the dealer can now go on-line to Dealer Central and build the quote using up-to-date options and pricing. The rules-based system minimizes costly and timely mistakes from handwritten and faxed orders.


Dealers can submit warranty claims along with photos and scans of invoices, and create and submit authorization requests. They can also look up the history of all service done on the boat, and all options sold on the boat, complete with applicable serial numbers for confirmation. Service bulletins and other documentation can now be easily accessed by the dealer on the web in a secure environment.

Owner Information

The ownership history of the boat is maintained in the system providing an easy way to connect with current and past owners for marketing and other communications purposes.