Customized Order Management & Production Tracking Software

ORDER POINTE® is one of three unique software system modules designed to help boat manufacturers manage all aspects of their business with greater efficiency and productivity.  It is a “leader-edge” sales configurator, costing and production management solution designed specifically for the marine manufacturing industry. In addition, print or email invoices, create MSO certificates, print MSRP stickers, generate and print load sheets for shipping documentation and much more.

It’s easy to learn yet powerful enough to increase efficiency and make you more profitable.

Customize Sales Orders By Model & Monitor Live Production

Setup: Configure custom sales orders by model

Using custom templates, you can uniquely configure a sales order by each of your models. Each sales order pre-populates available options and corresponding prices for that model. Configuration is easy and intuitive with the flexibility of rules that fit the way you build boats.

Create: Use the Quick Order feature to create sales order

Using the Quick Order feature, your sales team can easily configure quotes and sales orders using drop-down selections for boat options and standard choices.  Once the order is created, an email confirmation to the dealer can be sent directly from within the system. With the Dealer Central added functionality, dealers can also create their own quick quotes and login to monitor production process and estimated dates of delivery.

Monitor: Monitor the live production cycle

Track, manage, and optimize your production cycle. The software allows you to view details of each boat throughout the production cycle including location of boat, estimated real time completion and which builders are actively working on boats. Gain operational and financial insight on your day-to-day operations to drive efficiency and production process improvements.

Close: Complete the process, invoice the customer and close the sale

Complete the sales process by invoicing the dealer directly from within the software. Enter and track serial numbers for motors, transoms and other serialized parts. Once the sales order is closed, the boat record is created and ready to receive warranty claims and repair requests using our Service Pointe warranty tracking software.

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