BoatTrack at the Miami Boat Show

Did you know BoatTrack was founded in 1978 and is the only manufacturing software system designed specifically for Boat Manufacturers? Owners, Rob and Louise Murphy will be at the Miami Boat Show to say hello to our customers and meet our future customers! We’d like the boat manufacturers and dealers at the greatest boat show in the world to hear about the greatest boat software!

How Hell’s Bay Got Inventory and Sales Under Control

Hell’s Bay Boatworks was formed by renowned Florida fishing guide Flip Pallot, along with visionary boat designer Chris Morejohn with one goal in mind…to build the finest fishing boats ever conceived.  Hell’s Bay Boatworks is led by a team of dedicated fishermen, outdoorsmen and adventurers.  At Hell’s Bay Boatworks the goal is to stay on the cutting edge of technology while building fishing machines with state of the art materials and design.

Problem areas Hell’s Bay brought to the Boat Track/Alpha Data Systems team

Inventory control:  Customer was using Quickbooks Enterprise with Fishbowl add-on. The interface was problematic and linkages were weak or nonexistent.  The company was having a very difficult time managing inventory, and related controls were limited.

Sales control:  Sales representatives did not have systematic access to current options for various base models.  Accordingly, quotes were being prepared for customers that included options that were not available for certain models.  Quoting and pricing configurations were frequently wrong and needed to be reworked and corrected.


Alpha Data Systems BoatTrack interfaced with Sage Pro ERP accounting system.

Boat Track provides excellent inventory processing and tracking.  Parts can easily be tracked through the entire cycle from order to production.  There are multiple look-up options and plenty of space to add custom notes.  The user can see exactly why a particular part was included on a bill of material.  Data is updated in real-time so there is never a question about what they have on hand and what they need to order to complete their boats on time.   All the inventory data that is needed resides in one place for easy and quick retrieval.

The model templates in the Order Pointe module make insure that the sales representatives sell the correct options for each model every time.  All available options for each model are listed to be easily selected on the screen.  There are no more concerns about wrong configurations.  Pricing for all options is accurate and up-to-date.  Sales representatives are working from the same model templates so Hells Bay has standardization and uniformity.  These features also facilitate more accurate timely management reporting.

Cruiser Yachts Improves Warranty Tracking and Quality Control

Originating in 1904 as the Thompson Brothers Boat Manufacturing Company, Cruisers Yachts is a brand of pleasure boats owned today by KCS International. The company builds boats ranging from 30 feet – 58 feet, and is headquartered in Oconto, Wisconsin.

Problem areas Cruisers Yachts brought to the Boat Track/Alpha Data Systems team

Tracking warranty claims:  Customer did not have a systematic way to track warranty claims with both direct sales and dealer sales.  Both the manufacturer and the dealer community were frustrated with inefficiencies and inaccuracies with their claim filing and the turnaround time to resolve claims.  There was no standardized process and accessing any reliable history of claims was difficult at best.

Reporting for quality control and risk management:  This is a common problem that is encountered with many customers.  The customer had no reliable and consistent method of tracking and identifying common workmanship or parts problems.  They intuitively knew some of the problem areas but lacked the hard data that would help direct them to corrective actions.  Risk management concerns existed because sourcing for parts and kits were not easily identifiable for a hull ID if multiple suppliers were used.


Alpha Data Systems BoatTrack Service Pointe and Dealer Central web-based application.

We were able to provide both standardization and flexibility to track all warranty claims, as well as systematically control the claims process by loading the manufacturer’s guidelines and limits.  The customer now has everything they need to know about their warranty claims in one place and is easily accessible and reportable.  For each hull ID the entire service history, owner information, options and part and engine serial numbers are captured and viewable.  Dealers are now able to submit their claims directly to Cruisers with great accuracy and efficiency.  Cruisers report that having the ability to look up all the work done on one hull is invaluable.

Risk management is significantly enhanced with the ability to identify vendor sourcing for major components on each boat.  The extensive data that is captured allows trend reporting to identify problems with specific components, parts or vendors.

Boating Industry on the Rebound

The boating Industry continues to rebound according to the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA).  In 2014, NMMA expects the recreational power boat sales will continue to grow another 5-7 percent. Boat Track is poised to grow with the market and expand our client base to assist manufacturers in managing growth. See more at